Architecture Festival
The city is people.

Quality of life in cities is determined by the ability of people to unite:

— to hear each other
— to find things in common
— to concur

on the basis of common values and goals.

In the family, in the yard, on the street, in the city, in the country...

Such a community is НROMADA.

by Viktor Zotov, founder CANactions, ZOTOV&CO
To define an ideal and social balanced society has always been challenging in places all over the world that undergo major changes. From its beginning, The CANactions Festival has played a major role in presenting potential ideas and environmental concepts as means to show the vitality of a country under transition.

The economic and political uncertainty of Ukraine has brought CANactions on the forefront of the debate on how to structure these never before occurred dynamics. CANactions has established itself as an exciting urban laboratory in an unpredictable world.

Utopia seems far away, but nevertheless, there is always a lesson to be learned from proven "utopian" concepts such as the Hromada. A distinctive political and social structure which goal is to facilitate on every scale the needs of a pluriform society.

This year CANactions Festival is focusing on how to give an answer to a society where the gap between rich and poor is growing and polarisation tears people apart.

Time to take action and share ideas on one of the edgiest spaces of Kyiv riverfront where the Festival will land.

Jord den Hollander, founder AFFR and CANactions Festival 2019, Curatorial Adviser
CANactions is an educational platform, our mission is to enhance the creation of places and communities where people love to live and work.
International Architecture Festival CANactions

CANactions International Architecture Festival — the largest architectural event in Ukraine, runs annually since 2008.

This year, the 12th CANactions International Architecture Festival will be focused on an exploration of a notion of "Hromada" — Ukrainian name for the Community, which is embedded into the country's historic and cultural codes and reflected in contemporary social movements and architectural forms. CANactions explore "Hromada" as a social and spatial phenomenon and reveal this topic in a global context at the Festival.

CANactions School runs interdisciplinary research-and-design programs investigating and reflecting on the western (EU) and eastern (CEE) urban planning and architecture practice in the context of local and global challenges the cities are facing nowadays.

We believe that the launching of competitive practice will lead to the projects' quality advance. That's why we hold such competitions as: Dream Action, Urban Action program, Young Architects Competition and Street Geberit. These and other competitions serves as tools for public organizations, institutions and individuals to implement their ideas of urban development in Ukraine life.

Since the festival is a large-scale event, which takes place only once a year, we hold monthly public events additionally: lectures, workshops, discussions and master class. The main purpose of public events is creating a community of people that share similar values and ideas about urban development.
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