International cooperation became a keyword of the new century. Being a global space, today's world dictates to the world community new rules of relationships, where international collaboration and mutual support are fundamental and essential.

On April 20-21, 2018, we will be holding the 11th CANactions Festival. Festival 2018 gathers the best world architecture festivals as partners and co-organizers to curate one event/format within a two-day program in Kyiv. It will be masterclasses, workshop, discussion, competition etc.

Our main purpose is to capture the attention of the people for the ideas, thoughts, approaches and world experience in the sphere of architecture and urban development.

It may be attained only through collective efforts and team actions of everyone who acts or is interested in urban development all over the world. CANactions participants can provide for a world community with an important source of human and intellectual capital, experience, international connections and influx of new ideas and values.
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Educational platform CANactions
We seek to enhance the creation of places and communities in Ukraine where people love to live and work. We integrate the most relevant world experience in the sphere of architecture and urbanism to educate and inspire responsibly active change makers.
International Architecture Festival CANactions

With the lectures provided by well-known foreign and Ukrainian experts, current exhibitions, workshops and film screenings we aim to create the conditions for the ideas sharing and dialogue in the sphere of modern architecture. Today Festival is the largest architectural event in Ukraine with a ten-year history.

CANactions School for Urban Studies is an experimental educational institution, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our programs are based on the exploration of Ukrainian cities, identifying concepts and defining actions for urban development – on strategic as well as tactical levels.
The School is aimed at preparing change makers who are skilled to research complex urban environment(s) and elaborate strategic vision as well as tactical measures for its improving and development.

We believe that the launching of competitive practice will lead to the projects' quality advance. That's why we hold such competitions as: Dream Action, Urban Action program, Young Architects Competition and Street Geberit. These and other competitions serves as tools for public organizations, institutions and individuals to implement their ideas of urban development in Ukraine life.

Since the festival is a large-scale event, which takes place only once a year, we hold monthly public events additionaly: lectures, workshops, discussions and children's programs. The main purpose of public events is to present interesting ideas and projects from Ukraine and from abroad
Valentyna Zotova
Olena Vozniak
All funds collected will cover the publication of Ukrainian edition of the "Cities for People"
by Jan Gehl.